Walking through Beirut's many shopping districts is always a thrill, but if you would like to refine your search, offers you all the additional information that you require. From locations, to nearest parking space and operating hours, we make shopping for you breeze!

  • 4 Office

    4 Office


    Good design and comfort should be available to everyone, everywhere! That's why you should visit 4 Office and benefit from its wide office furniture collection and check its different brands such as...
  • A La Maison Les Bains & Compagnie

    A La Maison Les Bains & Compagnie

    Furniture, Accessories-High End
    Achrafieh, Sin El-Fil

    Established in 1996, A La Maison Les Bains & Compagnie sells contemporary high end European furniture, home decorative accessories, bed linen and bathroom accessories. The company has two...
  • Abou Jihad's Antique Shop

    Abou Jihad's Antique Shop

    Antiques & Collectibles, Furniture

    Abou Jihad is located in the Bachoura area. His shop carries a large selection of vintage furniture, and unique antiques from around the world.
  • Afteem


    Gadgets, Furniture, Kitchen and Bath, Home Appliances, Computers & Electronics, Multimedia
    Dekouaneh, Mar Mikhael

    Afteem offers various products and brands to its clients, including LCD TVs, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, home theaters and much more. Afteem has earned a respectable reputation within ...
  • Al Maktab S.A.R.L

    Al Maktab S.A.R.L


    Al Maktab Office Furniture introduce themselves as one of the active companies in the supply of office furniture in their market. A huge stock is always rotating in their warehouses to secure your...
  • Alina


    Ghazir, Sin El-Fil

    Galerie Alina is a chain of stores founded in Beirut in 1975. Their services are dedicated to babies and mothers-to-be, and they are exclusive agents of the best international brands devoted to...
  • Alter Ego Homeware

    Alter Ego Homeware


    Alter Ego is a luxury architectural bureau founded in 2003. It provides a comprehensive range of bespoke architectural and interior design solutions including: development, architecture, interior...
  • Antiquite Beaux Arts

    Antiquite Beaux Arts

    Antiques & Collectibles, Furniture
    Jal el-Dib

    If your interested in antiques and collectables, Antiquities Beaux Arts offers a wide variety to choose from. They also perform restoration services.
  • Apparat



    Apparat is a shop that sells different kinds of furniture. For those who want an artistic decorative touch to their homes, Apparat is most suitable.
  • Artwood Sogal

    Artwood Sogal

    Sin El-Fil

    The year 1981 marked the creation and launch in France of a new concept by Georges Guérin into what would become a master franchise.
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