Antiques & Collectibles

Walking through Beirut's many shopping districts is always a thrill, but if you would like to refine your search, offers you all the additional information that you require. From locations, to nearest parking space and operating hours, we make shopping for you breeze!

  • 44 Souk An Najjarin

    44 Souk An Najjarin

    Antiques & Collectibles

    Having a vast passion for her job, Nadia El Khoury pushed the adventure further and opened “44 Souk An Najjarin”. Located in the Saifi village in the heart of Beirut city, you can find home...
  • Abou Jihad's Antique Shop

    Abou Jihad's Antique Shop

    Antiques & Collectibles, Furniture

    Abou Jihad is located in the Bachoura area. His shop carries a large selection of vintage furniture, and unique antiques from around the world.
  • Antiques Home

    Antiques Home

    Antiques & Collectibles

    There’s no place like home, but Antiques Home isn’t that bad either. In here you’ll find a fine selection of a bit of everything: cabinets, couches, electrical appliances, all of which are sure ...
  • Antiques Mustafa Abdul Ghani

    Antiques Mustafa Abdul Ghani

    Antiques & Collectibles

    Antiques Mustafa Abdul Ghani, based in Hamra, has been in business for over 20 years. They carry a wide selection of old armoury, ancient coins, silver antiques and jewelry, bronze, carpets,...
  • Antiquite Beaux Arts

    Antiquite Beaux Arts

    Antiques & Collectibles, Furniture
    Jal el-Dib

    If your interested in antiques and collectables, Antiquities Beaux Arts offers a wide variety to choose from. They also perform restoration services.
  • Ardeco


    Antiques & Collectibles, High End Items

    Ardeco is Beirut's first and premier gallery specialized in Art Deco and 20th century decorative arts, featuring both antique and contemporary items. Since 1998, they have been importing unique and...
  • Artisanat Bader Ghanem

    Artisanat Bader Ghanem

    Antiques & Collectibles
    Sea Side

    If you are looking for A'abayas and hand-made authentic souvenirs, check out Artisanat Bader Ghanem at City Mall.
  • Artisanat Sidani

    Artisanat Sidani

    Antiques & Collectibles, Clothing (Artisan)

    You can find at Artisanat Sidani all kinds of oriental gifts, as rosaries, bags, ashtrays, Phoenician statues, mosaic boxes, frames, arabic hand made soaps and accessories. Don't forget to check...
  • Artisans du Liban et d'Orient

    Artisans du Liban et d'Orient

    Antiques & Collectibles
    Ain El Mreisseh

    Artisans du Liban et d'Orient was founded 30 years ago and is now headed by Nadia Ayoubi El Khoury. Artisans du Liban et d'Orient designs and produces ornaments of all sorts.
  • Atelier Chaalan

    Atelier Chaalan

    Antiques & Collectibles, Clothing, Accessories

    Arts, antiques, and clothing are all found at Atelier Chaalan.
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