Accessories-High End

Walking through Beirut's many shopping districts is always a thrill, but if you would like to refine your search, we have all the additional information that you require. From locations, to nearest parking space and operating hours, we make shopping for you breeze!

  • A La Maison Les Bains & Compagnie

    A La Maison Les Bains & Compagnie

    Furniture, Accessories-High End
    Achrafieh, Sin El-Fil

    Established in 1996, A La Maison Les Bains & Compagnie sells contemporary high end European furniture, home decorative accessories, bed linen and bathroom accessories. The company has two...
  • Alice Edde

    Alice Edde

    Accessories-High End

    The Alice Eddé concept store infuses love of nature in your daily life. Find genuine leather luxury handbags, clutches, garden bags, totes, and other fashion accessories, plus accessories for your...
  • Argento925


    Accessories-High End
    Sea Side

    Joseph Baltarian, after a long apprenticeship in jewelry, decided to open a jewelry store on his own, "L’Oro di Zara” . His success over the years allowed him to expand his business, offering...
  • Ariss Lighting

    Ariss Lighting

    Accessories-High End

    Ariss Lighting is a leading lighting equipment supply firm in Lebanon specialized in high-end private residential and project related lighting fixtures and fittings.
  • ASA


    Accessories, Kitchen and Bath, Accessories-Basic, Accessories-High End
    Achrafieh, Dbayeh

    ASA SELECTION stands for modern design and authentic products in the areas of dining and living. The distinctive characteristic through all product lines is the consequent simple expression of the ...
  • Au Gant Rouge

    Au Gant Rouge

    Accessories-High End
    Achrafieh, Downtown

    Au Gant Rouge specializes in tableware, silverware, gifts and gadgets. It is the exclusive distributor of several international brands.
  • Au Petit Point

    Au Petit Point

    Accessories-High End
    Achrafieh, Clemenceau, Dbayeh, Downtown

    Au Petit Point provides antiques, tableware, glassware, porcelain and other related products.
  • B. Boutique

    B. Boutique

    Clothing (Women), Jewelry, Accessories-High End
    Achrafieh, Dbayeh

    B. is where a woman can B. smart B. creative B. fashionable B. bold B. beautiful B. special B. wild B. different. It is were she can B. whoever she wants to B. Their boutique is about leading our...
  • Batal Lighting

    Batal Lighting

    Accessories-High End
    Corniche El Mazraa

    Batal Lighting has a large collection of chandeliers and other different kinds of indoor lighting.
  • Candlelit


    Accessories-High End

    A nice boutique store in Verdun, Candlelit is a tableware and gifts store, that sells benchmark English brands of tableware in addition to classical home decoration items and dining accessories from ...
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