Shoes & Footwear

Walking through Beirut's many shopping districts is always a thrill, but if you would like to refine your search, we have all the additional information that you require. From locations, to nearest parking space and operating hours, we make shopping for you breeze!

  • adidas


    Clothing (Men, Women, Children), Shoes & Footwear, Sporting Goods
    Achrafieh, Dbayeh, Downtown, Hamra, Hazmieh, Verdun

    Their motto: Impossible is Nothing, drives all brand communication initiatives and helps strengthen the brand's bond with consumers. Besides sports footwear, the company also produces other...
  • 5 in Shoes

    5 in Shoes

    Shoes & Footwear

    5 in shoes by Panama Jack boots and shoes. Made in Spain since 1989.
  • Abaco


    Clothing (Accessories, Women), Shoes & Footwear

    Knapsacks, bags and all other Abaco accessories encourage travel, irreplaceable accomplices in a way of life. They are seductive with irresistible designs, anti-conformist and inspired by a sense of...
  • Adolfo Dominguez

    Adolfo Dominguez

    Clothing (Women), Shoes & Footwear, Luxury & High End
    Achrafieh, Downtown

    Adolfo Dominguez was born May 14, 1950. He studied design and cinematography in Paris, with further studies in London. He took over his father's fashion boutique in Ourense in the early 1970s and...
  • Aerosole


    Shoes & Footwear
    Achrafieh, Dbayeh

    Aerosoles is a leading of comfort brand based in New Jersey. Since 1987, Aerosoles has developed high quality, comfortable shoes at affordable prices.
  • Aigner Boutique

    Aigner Boutique

    Clothing (Women), Shoes & Footwear, Accessories

    It all started with fine burgundy leather and the vision of Etienne Aigner... Etienne Aigner established himself as a purveyor of leather goods in Paris where he began turning out handbags and...
  • Akil Bros

    Akil Bros

    Clothing (Accessories, Baby, Men, Women, Children, Nightwear, Lingerie, Underwear), Shoes & Footwear, Accessories, Accessories-Basic

    Akil Bros has the widest collection of clothing, shoes, accessories and even home textures and accessories. Akil Bros is the answer to all your home questions.
  • Alaconda


    Shoes & Footwear, Accessories

    Choose your shoes and perhaps you will even find a matching bag from Alacona diverse collection.
  • Albano


    Shoes & Footwear
    Achrafieh, Dbayeh

    Albano is an unmistakable sign of style and class to define the traits of the contemporary woman. A brand born with a concept of tout-court smart beauty, it is a manifesto of a timeless and...
  • Aldo Shoes

    Aldo Shoes

    Shoes & Footwear, Accessories
    Achrafieh, Choueifat, Dbayeh, Dora, Downtown, Hamra, Kaslik, Saida, Sin El-Fil, Tayouneh, Touweiti, Tripoli, Verdun, Zahleh

    ALDO made its introduction in Lebanon in 2004. Its fashion forwardness is ideal to sooth the Lebanese clients offering a special concept and an innovative visual display carrying shoes sections for...
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