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  • Beirut Fire Department

    Beirut Fire Department

    Local Government
    Bachoura, Karantina, Tarik el Jadida

    With the a motto of "Sacrifice and Loyalty", the Beirut Fire Department will make sure to try their hardest to keep you safe and fight for your life. Racing the reaper They find them hot leave...
  • Beirut Stock Exchange - BSE

    Beirut Stock Exchange - BSE

    Local Government

    Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) is a public institution. It is ruled by the provisions of the BSE bylaw, stipulated in the legislative decree number 120, dated September 16, 1983 (amended by decree 4729, ...
  • Civil Defense

    Civil Defense

    Local Government
    Ain el-Remmaneh

    The Lebanese Civil Defense is an element of the national defense, whose mission is to: - Prepare means to make up for the loss of people and property in case of war and natural calamities. -...
  • Council for Development and Reconstruction

    Council for Development and Reconstruction

    Local Government

    Towards the end of the year 1976 and, after almost two years of painful and destructive events particularly on the infrastructure level as well as the public institutions and ministries, which were at...
  • Electricite Du Liban

    Electricite Du Liban

    Local Government
    Mar Mikhael

    The mission of Electricité du Liban (EDL) is to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity to all Lebanese territories up to the highest possible quality standards and in compliance with the laws...
  • General Security

    General Security

    Local Government

    On the date of January 5, 1921 the decree No. 1061 was issued and in accordance with the General Security was established and given the name of the First Bureau at that time. On the date of April...
  • Jad Adel el Khoury

    Jad Adel el Khoury

    Local Government

    Jad Adel el Khoury, Public Notary of Beirut, Ministry of Justice.
  • Jdeideh Bouchrieh Sed Municipality

    Jdeideh Bouchrieh Sed Municipality

    Local Government

    The municipality of Jdeidet, al-Bouchrieh, al-Sed is composed of three villages of the same names, respectively. It is home to several industrial giants which supply oil and gas to the...
  • Joe Fayad

    Joe Fayad

    Local Government

    Joe Georges Fayad, Notary Public of Beirut, Ministry of Justice.
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