Beirut holds a long list of gifted and talented individuals, highly skilled and culturally rich, from actors, to musicians, politicians, writers, painters, and businessmen, among others. Browse through's growing directory of these local figures and learn all about the people that make Beirut what it is.

  • Abdo Feghali

    Abdo Feghali


    Abdo Feghali is a pro racer and drifter who was also the track designer and organizer of Red Bull Car Park Drift in Lebanon and the Middle East from 2008 to 2011. He has won numerous championships ...
  • Antoine Khalife

    Antoine Khalife


    Antoine Khalife is « Special advisor » to the Cairo-based broadcasting corporation ART, and he is currently working as associate producer on many films such as « Where do we go now » by Nadine...
  • Maya Terro

    Maya Terro


    Winner of Al-Jadeed TV's reality television program, El-Za3im, and co-founder of NGO Foodblessed, Maya Terro is an AUB alumna, social activist, and current candidate for the Lebanese Parliament. She...
  • Muhamad Mugraby

    Muhamad Mugraby


    A human rights defender and democracy advocate, Dr. Mugraby is also a lawyer with an international practice based in Beirut. He is a former lecturer on civil rights, legal philosophy and private...
  • Saleh Barakat

    Saleh Barakat


    A leading expert in contemporary Arab art, Saleh Barakat founded the Agial Art Gallery in 1991 and the Maqam Art Gallery in 2008, both in Beirut. As the executive manager of the two galleries, he has ...
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