Beirut holds a long list of gifted and talented individuals, highly skilled and culturally rich, from actors, to musicians, politicians, writers, painters, and businessmen, among others. Browse through's growing directory of these local figures and learn all about the people that make Beirut what it is.

  • Barbara Massad

    Barbara Massad

    Photographer, Chef, Author, Televison Personality

    Barbara Abdeni Massaad was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She moved to Florida at a young age and gained culinary experience while helping her father in the family-owned Lebanese restaurant Kebabs and...
  • Carmen Chammas

    Carmen Chammas


    Carmen Chammas is a prominent astrologist living in Lebanon since 1999. That year she started presenting daily horoscopes for Future TV with call-ins from an audience from around the world. Since...
  • Caroline Tabet

    Caroline Tabet

    Photographer, Author, DJ

    Caroline Tabet is a full-time photographer by day, with several successful exhibitions and one published book under her belt. She started DJing in the early 2000s, and has moved on to become one of...
  • Claude Salhani

    Claude Salhani


    Claude Salhani is a journalist, author and political analyst based in the Middle East, and Washsington, DC. and specializes in Middle East politics, politicized Islam and terrorism He is the former...
  • Henry Mathews

    Henry Mathews


    Henry Matthews is the author of "The Encyclopedia of Lebanese Comic Books" and a Lebanese comic books collector.
  • Norma Makarem

    Norma Makarem


    Norma is a young Lebanese author. She majored and works in the Computer Science field, yet was successful to express her belief towards life’s philosophical notions with her first published book...
  • Rabee Jaber

    Rabee Jaber


    Born in the year 1972, Rabee Jaber is a Lebanese author, who studied physics at the American University of Beirut. He is also editor of Afaq, the weekly cultural supplement of Al-Hayat daily pan-Arab ...
  • Rami Ollaik

    Rami Ollaik


    Rami Ollaik is the author of the acclaimed best-selling autobiography, The Bees Road, an inspiring account of Rami's life from his childhood in war-torn South Lebanon and his indoctrination into...
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