Newspapers, TV & Radio Stations, and Production Houses

Use our media outlet guide to find information on newspapers,TV stations, and radio stations in Beirut.

  • Guerrilla Music

    Guerrilla Music

    Music and Sound Studio, Music Production

    Guerrilla Music is an audio recording and mixing facility based in Beirut. It caters to the requirements of a wide spectrum of local and international clients, offering a variety of quality services...
  • Arabia Book Records

    Arabia Book Records

    Music and Sound Studio
    Sahel Alma

    Arabia Book Records, L.L.C. is a unique recording studio facility carefully designed around the principles of room acoustics to create a set of spaces with the acoustical properties required for...
  • Audio Addicts

    Audio Addicts

    Music and Sound Studio

    Audio Addicts Studio is an audio recording and mixing facility located right in the heart of Beirut's Hamra Street. Chief engineer Jean Madani caters to all your sonic needs, be it music recording,...
  • Broken Records Production Studio

    Broken Records Production Studio

    Production House, Music and Sound Studio, Music Production

    Broken Records Production Studio is a state-of-the-art recording studio specialized in post production. At the heart of the recording space, is Yamaha's flagship DM 2000 VCM V2 Digital Mixer, which...
  • Davinci Productions

    Davinci Productions

    Music and Sound Studio
    Jbeil, Jounieh

    Davinci production is a video editing, color grading, graphics and sound design facility as well a recording studio for various music types and genres. All stations are based on the latest...
  • Dreamcatcher Studios

    Dreamcatcher Studios

    Production House, Music and Sound Studio, DJ & Music Equipment, Record Labels , Videography

    Dreamcatcher Studios is a team of musicians and music lovers dedicated to bring you nothing but the optimal live experience of music. Be it recording, tracking, mixing or performing they offer high...
  • Harmony Music Production

    Harmony Music Production

    Music and Sound Studio, Music Production

    Harmony Music Production is an independent record label and music production house that specializes in artist development, marketing/promotion, social media usage, and artist representation. In...
  • Lebanese Underground Studio

    Lebanese Underground Studio

    Music and Sound Studio, Music Production

    Lebanese Underground Studio is one of the few studios located in the heart of Beirut in the neighborhood of Fassouh near Instruments Garage. You can use the studio for rehearsal, or hire producer...
  • Organized


    Music and Sound Studio, Photography Studio, Design Studio, Branding Agency, Advertising Agencies, Event Organizers, Videography , Editing Service, Music Production

    They are a professional, creative team of event management specialists with years of experience producing high-quality events of every type and scale. Their passion is managing the behind-the-scenes...
  • Per-Vurt


    Music and Sound Studio

    Per-vurt is a place for djs clubbers and music lovers. Located in Hamra, Per-vurt Corporation is known to be the only registered and official Dj School in Lebanon. Teaching the Science of DJ & Music ...
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