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  • Al Hanan School For Children with Special Needs

    Al Hanan School For Children with Special Needs


    Al Hanan is an independent, non-profit rehabilitation school for children with developmental disabilities and learning difficulties. Providing qualitative care, education and rehabilitation for...
  • Al- Bayader School

    Al- Bayader School


    Al- Bayader School, in its educational mission, aims to ensure a teaching environment, built on modern, active basis. These in turn -aim to stimulate the learner, to develop a responsible, creative,...
  • American Community School (ACS)

    American Community School (ACS)

    Ain El Mreisseh

    The American Community School at Beirut offers research-based and classroom proven educational practices through an American educational philosophy. The program instills in students the highest...
  • American Lebanese Language Center

    American Lebanese Language Center

    School, Learning Center
    Sin El-Fil

    Founded in the early 1980's, the American Lebanese Language Center (ALLC) has played a prominent role in adult education in Lebanon. Their centers throughout Lebanon offer students the opportunity to ...
  • Amilieh Philanthropic Islamic Association

    Amilieh Philanthropic Islamic Association

    Ras El-Nabeh

    Established in Beirut in 1923 due to the urgent need to tackle both social and educational deterioration, Amilieh Philanthropic Islamic Association also aims to fight illiteracy, ignorance and...
  • Antonine International School

    Antonine International School


    Antonine International School is a Catholic co-educational K-12 school established by the Antonine Maronite Order in 2000. Rooted in Christian values and the Saint Antonine spirit, they educate...
  • Armenian Evangelical Central High School

    Armenian Evangelical Central High School


    The Armenian Evangelical Central High School was founded on May 16, 1922, by Rev. Yenovk Hadidian. They offer education specifically catering to Armenian students, and teach in four languages: Arabic,...
  • Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College (BAC)

    Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College (BAC)


    Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College,member of Eduvation school network, is a Christian Orthodox School affiliated to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut. Their mission is to serve the members...
  • Beirut Baptist School (BBS)

    Beirut Baptist School (BBS)


    The Baptist Near East Mission, begun by Dr. Finely Graham and his wife, Jolia, began its mission in Lebanon in the early 1950s. In 1956 they founded the Beirut Baptist School with Dr. James Regland as...
  • Besancon Ecole des Soeurs de la Charite

    Besancon Ecole des Soeurs de la Charite

    Baabdat, Baskinta, Clemenceau, Hazmieh

    The Besancon Ecole des Soeurs de la Charite is a private religious school with many campuses around Lebanon. The school provides education at all levels, and also hosts extracurricular activities.
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