Beirut NightLife

Where can I go to enjoy some of Beirut's nightlife?


Nowadays, if there's one thing that is putting and keeping Beirut as a focus on the world map, it's the city's undeniably vibrant nightlife.


It's not just that the city has such a varied and hip nightlife and party scene, it's also because the Lebanese just love to party. Good times, bad times, Tuesdays…Beirut is always up for great night out.


Known the world over for its glamour-filled, music-pumping, fun-packed night scene, Beirut has attracted some of the best international DJs and personalities to its unique and exclusive venues, clubs, pubs and bars.


'Last call', are not words generally understood by the Beirut night owl – the evening tends to start late and end even later, with doors only closing when the last drink has been drunk, not served.

There are hundreds of options to choose from on any given night in Beirut. From local and familiar drinking holes to vast and impressive rooftop clubs, anyone up for a good time in Beirut will find it. has a complete list of all these nightlife options, available with details.